Multi Round Sanitary Liquid Filter Housing (MTO)


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Multi-round Sanitary Liquid Filter Housing can meet the use of large flow sanitary working conditions and different specifications of filter elements can be configured according to different flow rates. The structure of the product has no blind angle, can drain thoroughly and is easy to clean and disassemble. The Internal surface can be finely polished up to 0.3μm.

Surface Finish

Polish Type: Electropolished OR Mechpolished
Surface Option: Internal Ra: 0.3μm / External Ra: 0.4μm

Filter Shell: 304, 316L 
Drain/Vent Valve: 304, 316L
Clamp: 304
Stabilizer Blade: 304
Seal Material/Gasket: Silicone, FKM, EPDM

Operating Conditions
Design Pressure: 0.6Mpa (6bar) OR 1.0Mpa (10bar)

Max. Operating Temperature: 140℃

Shell Connection: Flange (eyebolt)
Inlet & Outlet: Tri-clamp / flange
Vent Valve: Inner bole4mm (1/8"), connect with 8mm (5/16") pipe
Pressure Gauge Kit: TC-1.5"