Make to Order (MTO) Questionnaire

For RFQs, RFPs and any Housings (Vessels) or MTO filtration/membrane products inquiry, please contact our sales team:

Tel: +1 (905) 407-4545


You can also fill out the contact form at the bottom of this page.

Please provide the application details as much as you can to allow us find or size a proper filtration system for your process:

  • Application
  • New Installation or Replacement
  • Continuous or Batch operation
  • Batch Size to be filtered
  • Fluid type
  • Operating Pressure
  • Design Pressure (Maximum)
  • Operating Temperature
  • Design Temperature (Maximum)
  • Viscosity (if known)
  • Chemical & Physical Composition of the fluid
  • Contaminant To Be Removed
  • Particles: Hard, Soft, Gel form, colloid
  • Maximum Flow Rate
  • Filter Housing: 316 S/S OR 304 S/S
  • Inlet and Outlet Connection: Flanged/ Sanitary...
  • Desired Connection Size
  • Desired O-Ring Gasket
  • Media Retention Required (Micron Size)
  • Absolute or Nominal filter
  • Line Size And Port Type
  • Level of Filtration Required
  • Desired filter media: Bags, Cartridge Elements, Strainer...
  • If you currently use a specific manufacturer and want to replace, provide the manufacturer name, part number, length, diameter, quantity in the housing and how often you change the filter
  • Required delivery time