About Us

Parswood is a Canadian family business that has been built on a legacy of over 40 years of expertise in engineering and equipment distribution business. Our name is a tribute to our father's beloved homeland, and we are proud to carry on his business name and values.

As one of the Canada's leading independent filtration and membrane suppliers, Parswood has established a reputation for providing the highest quality products from the most reputable manufacturers. We are committed to sourcing the latest and most affordable filtration technologies from around the world, so that our customers can benefit from the most innovative solutions on the market.

At Parswood, we believe in going above and beyond to provide exceptional customer service. We work hard to build long-lasting relationships with our clients, treating them like friends from their very first interaction with us. As engineers who specialize in filtration processes, we are uniquely qualified to help our customers purify their processes, solve problems, and reduce operational costs.

Our extensive inventory of filtration products and accessories ensures that we can act as a single source of supply for our customers, providing them with the right filters for their needs at all times. We are proud to serve clients throughout Canada, the USA, and Latin America, and look forward to continuing to build on our legacy of excellence in filtration for many years to come.