Lenticular (Depth stack) Sanitary Filter Housing (MTO)


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Lenticular Sanitary Filter Housing has been specially designed for depth - stack filter cartridges and generally 1-4 cartridges are allowed to install inside. The feed liquid enters from top and leaves from bottom . The product can meet the sanitary requirements which is easy to clean and has high polishing accuracy.

Surface Finish

Polish Type: Electropolished OR Mechpolished
Surface Option: Internal Ra: 0.3μm / External Ra: 0.4μm

Filter Shell: 304, 316L 
Drain/Vent Valve: 304, 316L
Clamp: 304
Stabilizer Blade: 304
Seal Material/Gasket: Silicone, FKM, EPDM

Operating Conditions
Design Pressure: 0.6Mpa (6bar) 

Max. Operating Temperature: 140℃

Shell Connection: Eyebolt
Inlet & Outlet: Tri-clamp / flange
Vent Valve: Inner bole4mm (1/8"), connect with 8mm (5/16") pipe
Pressure Gauge Kit: TC-1.5"