Activated Carbon Cellulose Filter Cartridge for Drinking Water, Chlorine, Food and Beverage, Edible Oil and Spirits Applications


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Elevate your filtration capabilities with PARSWOOD Carbon Cellulose Filter Cartridges, an unparalleled fusion of depth filtration and activated carbon absorption. These exceptional cartridges integrate an outer layer of deep filter media, effectively capturing particles, while the activated carbon held within the filter cloth excels at eliminating odors, smells, sediments, pigments, VOCs, and organic chemicals. Furthermore, the inner fiber filter acts as a robust barrier, preventing the passage of carbon particles and fine pollutants. This harmonious combination results in an enhanced level of filtration efficiency and comprehensive purification. Discover the epitome of quality and integration with PARSWOOD Carbon Cellulose Filter Cartridges.


  • Nominal 10 micron removal rating
  • Excellent dirt-holding capacity
  • Filtration and adsorption finished in one time process


  • Drinking water
  • Chlorine Removal
  • Food and beverage
  • Oil Color/Odor Removal
  • Spirits Color/Odor Removal
  • Chemical
  • Microelectronics


Dimension: [OD]: 2.56”(65mm); [ID]: 1.10”(28mm); [Length]:9.75”(248mm) ,9.87”(250mm),
Material of Constructions: [ Media ]:Carbon Impregnated Cellulose; [ End Cap ]:PP; [ Center Core ]:PP; [ Netting ]:PE
Performance: [ Max. Operating temperature ]:60℃