Large Diameter Filters

Parswood™ Conventional Filter Bags

Filter bags are one of the most cost effective choices for a wide range of filtrations, ranging from food and beverage to industrial chemical filtration. The micron ratings range from 0.5 micron to 100 micron, and coupled with our wide of filter bag material choices. It applies to the removal of particles of various sizes. PP, PET needle felt bags are suitable for nominal precision filtration, while nylon mesh bags are suitable for filtration at lower ratings. Light weight and low cost filtering material offer high chemical and corrosion resistance. It follows the international standard and is compatible with most bag filter housings.

Parswood™ Multi-Channels Filter Element: Revolutionizing Filtration Solutions

The Parswood™ Multi-Channels filter element emerges as a groundbreaking alternative to conventional bag filters, offering unparalleled efficiency and extended service life. With a genuine multi-channels media structure, this filter offers more in surface area compared to standard #2 bags and up to four times the service life.