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Parswood Filtration

Membrane filtration would be the best method to stabilize #wine and #beer without pasteurizing with heat. For instance, in wine final filtration with membranes, the organoleptic characteristics of the wine will stay until opening the bottle. Thus, the wine product's opening can happen even years after bottling. 

In general, certain final filtering methods before bottling or canning are more appropriate than others. Yeast and bacteria size range would be typically from 0.65 μm to 3 μm (microns), however colloidal or precipitated proteins size range are between 0.2 to 5 microns, which are the tiniest particles in wine.

Microbiological stability means all yeast and bacteria are removed to produce fine wines or beers. PARSWOOD™ Nylon 6,6 membrane and PARSWOOD™ PES membrane cartridges are available with removal rating of 0.65 μm in order to eliminate yeast, mold and bacteria, and 0.45 μm and 0.22 μm for retaining of smaller microorganisms responsible for damaging wine and beer. PARSWOOD™ PES  filter cartridges are designed to provide greater bacteria and particle removal at high flow rates and low pressure drops. 

PARSWOOD™ PES filter offers the greatest assurance of filtration performance, stability, and service life. All components of these filter cartridges comply with FDA regulations for food and beverage contact use. PARSWOOD™ PES cartridges are resistant to steam and chemical cleaning, hence they can be Autoclave Sterilized at 121℃ (60 Min) also Sterilization-in-place (SIP) at 135℃, 30 Min, 20 cycles. 

Both PARSWOOD™ PES and PARSWOOD™ Nylon 6.6 long service lives not only reduce direct operational costs, but also reduce indirect filtration costs for filter change-out, installation, downtime process and regeneration. 

PARSWOOD™ Nylon 6.6 membrane high surface area will improves flow and filter life. Their absolute rated N66 membrane is inherently hydrophilic and has excellent chemical resistance.  PARSWOOD™ Nylon 6.6 membrane has very durable cartridge design withstands repeated hot water sanitation cycles. PARSWOOD™ Nylon cartridges can be steam sterilized (125℃, 30 minutes, 30 Cycles). 

We suggest to use PARSWOOD™ Nylon 6.6 membrane cartridge with a retention grade of 0.65 μm as pre-filtration for wine and beer applications.

The wine and beer will be then put through a final filtering process using  PARSWOOD™ PES membrane cartridge with a retention grade of  0.45 μm to remove yeasts and bacteria. The wine and beer which are filtered sterile with 0.45 μm membrane cartridges will have the appropriate level of clarity and brightness. This brightness and polished products might help selling and marketing better your artisan wine/beer in the market. 

PARSWOOD™ team is always available to provide a free consultation and help you to reduce your total cost of ownership by optimizing the filtration process.

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