Multi-Channels Filter Element


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Parswood™ Multi-Channels Filter Element: Revolutionizing Filtration Solutions

The Parswood™ Multi-Channels filter element emerges as a groundbreaking alternative to conventional bag filters, offering unparalleled efficiency and extended service life. With a genuine multi-channels media structure, this filter offers more in surface area compared to standard #2 bags and up to four times the service life.

Media Structure:

The Parswood™ Multi-Channels filter media consists of two layers, strategically designed for optimal contaminant removal. The "open" first layer targets larger contaminants, while the "tighter" second layer addresses smaller particles. This multi-channels structure enhances contaminant holding capacity, outperforming single-layer alternatives.

Advantages Over Conventional Bags:

In comparison to traditional felt filter bags, Parswood™ Multi-Channels filter elements deliver up to four times the service life, superior contaminant reduction efficiency, enhanced flow per filter, and minimized losses associated with frequent change-outs.

Design and Support:

The design of the Parswood™ Multi-Channels filter element incorporates two cylinders bonded to a top plate and lower seal plate. This unique geometry, combined with a restrainer basket, provides complete three-dimensional support for the media. This eliminates the risk of filter rupture, ensuring a clean effluent and reducing worker exposure.

Key Features:

  • 100% downstream support
  • Elimination of filter rupture, contaminant bypass, and unloading
  • Operation at higher differential pressures before change-out
  • Superior flow characteristics for improved effluent quality
  • Increased media surface area for extended service life
  • Improved retention efficiency and contaminant holding capacity
  • Excellent replacement for 3M DF Series or DuoFlo Series (i.e. 3M part number replacement for 
    DFG100PP2R would be: DF100PP2P in PARSWOOD)

Applications: The Parswood™ Multi-Channels filter finds its application across diverse industries, including industrial waters, lubricants, chemicals, petrochemicals, wine filtration, beer microfiltration, process water, pharmaceuticals, electronics, purification, and water treatment.

Available in both polyester and polypropylene materials with nominal ratings from 1 to 200 micron. Most items are MTO (Make to Order). Please contact us to get a quote


Dimension #1 Size #2 Size
Nominal Reduction Ratings (micron) 1, 5, 10, 25, 50, 100 and 200
Filter Diameter (inches/cm) 7/17.8
Filter Length (inches/cm) 14.3/36.3 27.8/70.6
Media Area (ft.2/m2) 3.4/0.32 6.7/0.62


Maximum Forward Differential Pressure 35 psid @ 68 °F (2.4 bar @ 20 °C)
Recommended Change-Out Differential Pressure 20 psid (1.4 bar)