Efficient Filtration Solutions for Automotive Assembly

Automotive assembly processes demand meticulous pre-coating treatments to ensure a flawless finish. Particulate reduction is crucial to prevent defects in the final coating. This bulletin highlights the advantages of employing an advanced filtration system in the phosphate and electrodeposition (ED) processes.

Stamping, machining, and welding operations in automobile production leave the vehicle body laden with contaminants. Thorough washing and treatment, including phosphate and ED processes, are essential for surface preparation and coating adhesion.

The process involves multi-stage washing, phosphate treatment, and ED coating, all reliant on clean water and chemicals. Effective filtration is pivotal in maintaining fluid cleanliness, enhancing process efficiency, and extending equipment lifespan.

Inadequate filtration leads to contamination, compromising coating quality and necessitating costly rework. Traditional bag filters might help upstream the process however allowing contaminants to persist, adversely impacting paint application and overall finish.

PARSWOOD Multi-Channels bag filters offer a superior alternative, boasting increased dirt holding capacity, extended filter life, and reduced maintenance. Our design will be minimizing downstream contamination and enhancing worker safety due to less change outs. 

- Increased dirt holding capacity compared to standard bag filters.
- Significant reduction in filter usage.
- Enhanced removal of contaminants, including oils, metal particles, and microorganisms.
- Substantial cost savings

PARSWOOD Multi-Channels bag filters can replace 3M DF (DuoFlo) Series easily with a simple drop in solution.

Effective filtration, facilitated by Multi-Channels bag filters, is paramount for automotive assembly processes. With proven success in major manufacturing plants, these filters offer unparalleled performance, reducing rework and delivering substantial operational cost savings. 

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Switching to PARSWOOD filters is an easy way to enhance the quality and cost-effectiveness of automotive assembly processes.

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